Real Estate & Construction

Industry news and transformation

The real estate sector and by extension the construction sector in France has undergone significant transformation in recent years due to economic, technological and regulatory changes.

Increasing demand for housing and commercial buildings, improved access to information technology and changes in lifestyles have led to changes in customer needs.


Today, customers are demanding more personalised services, more sustainable and responsible management and more control over costs. To meet these demands, specialists in these fields must take initiatives to modernise their approaches and integrate new technologies, such as BIM (Building Information Modeling).


The sector is increasingly inclined to take environmental considerations into account in its practices. New buildings are being constructed to meet new energy and environmental standards, while environmentally responsible construction techniques and sustainable or bio-sourced materials are being promoted. Investors are also encouraged to look at investments in green real estate projects.


Overall, the sector continues to evolve, driven by innovation, technology and market demand. These changes require companies in the sector to continually adapt to keep up with customer demands and to meet the challenges posed by an ever-changing environment.

Challenges for leading professionals in the Real estate & Construction sectors

First, one of the main challenges is resource management. Real estate and construction professionals need to effectively manage human resources, including the recruitment of their talent. Indeed, the trend is towards a very strong candidate market and the subtleties of their expectations must be managed effectively.


Quality work on the employer brand has become an inevitable strategy.


It is also important to manage the financial and material aspects to optimise the profitability and perceived quality of projects. Managers in the sector must be able to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of service quality, which is a guarantee of loyalty.


Another important issue is the management of risks and contingencies. Professionals in the sector must be able to anticipate and manage the risks associated with their projects, particularly those relating to the environment and safety, which are high-stakes issues.

We help companies find the best talent

In the REAL ESTATE division, we cover a range of management roles including Real Estate Programme Director, Development Director, Operations Director, Project Director, Technical Director, Works Director, and Construction Director.


We are also involved in Real Estate Services, Asset and Facility Management, addressing various role requirements such as Director of Operations, Asset Manager, Property Manager, Agency Director, and more.


In the CONSTRUCTION division, we engage in a wide range of management roles within project management and construction companies, including positions such as Technical Design Office Director, Construction Director, and Construction Agency Director.

Highly attuned to environmental concerns within these sectors, we have cultivated specialized expertise through a dedicated division in the realms of SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION, INNOVATION, and ENERGY TRANSITION. Consequently, we are proficient in identifying top-tier talent for roles including Director of the Energy Efficiency Division, Sustainable Construction Director, Renewable Energy Project Director, Energy Manager, and Thermal Engineer-Expert.


Our recruitment process is rigorous and based on a detailed knowledge of the challenges facing each company. We are able to propose candidate profiles that not only have the necessary skills and experience, but also match the culture and values of each company.


Customer relationship management is also important, including a thorough understanding of customer needs, to provide the right solutions to maintain a quality relationship, with a view to building a reputation.


To meet these challenges, it is important to have effective strategies in place and a clear view of the constantly changing real estate market.

The advantages of working with W Executive

  • In-depth knowledge of the job market.
  • The creation of a dedicated team with a consultant and a project manager.
  • A curated pool of the most qualified candidates for the position.
  • Support in developing clear job descriptions.
  • An assessment of the candidates' skills to ensure that they are suited to the company and the corporate culture.
  • Assistance in negotiating terms and conditions of employment to secure the best candidates.
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