Our Purpose

At W Executive, we want to help promote 'Responsible Leadership', and we put people at the heart of our commitments.


Responsible leadership is a global leadership style focused on sustainability and social and environmental responsibility. Responsible leaders are aware of the impact of their actions on their company, their employees, their customers and the community at large, and they make decisions accordingly.


In addition to being ethically sound and considering long-term impacts, a responsible leader is also committed to high ethical, environmental and social standards, while promoting transparency, accountability, diversity, inclusion and responsible innovation.


Responsible leadership requires long-term vision, collaboration with stakeholders, integration of sustainability into strategy and operations, risk management and transparent communication. Responsible leaders can help building a sustainable and resilient business that creates value for all its stakeholders, while protecting the environment and society.

Our commitment

Our commitment is part of this responsible approach:

  • Support managers in recruiting and developing responsible leaders and the best teams to achieve their corporate mission.
  • Help candidates find opportunities that are meaningful to them, that are sustainable and that fit into their future plans.
  • Connect the best professionals with leaders
  • Organize think tanks around the notion of "Responsible Leadership", support mission-driven entrepreneurs and give them access to our human resources expertise and help them to accomplish their world-changing missions.
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