Industry news and transformation

The face of the French market has been transformed by the development of online booking platforms, new players (Airbnb) and meal delivery (Deliveroo). The impact of the pandemic on tourism has also contributed to a sharp drop in hotel occupancy rates and in the number of traditional restaurants, particularly in large cities. Hotels and restaurants now face many challenges to continue to make a difference in this highly competitive sector.


To become attractive again and to bring back customers, the players must innovate and offer an increasingly personalised and differentiating service. Consumers need to have a real experience during their visits to see the added value compared to direct or indirect competition.


Following the pandemic, the hospitality sector is particularly deserted by qualified profiles. The successive confinements have led some employees to question their work/life balance, the time constraints inherent in the profession and the fact that their salaries are among the lowest on the labour market.


To overcome this shortage, hotel and restaurant owners must rethink their models and ways of attracting and retaining employees, by initiating a reflection on the organisation of working hours and hiring conditions. These criteria will be essential to guarantee a quality service and maximise customer satisfaction.

The challenges facing senior professionals in the Hospitality sector

W Executive's teams can help you identify the best profiles to meet these transformation challenges.


These changes have a significant impact on the professions and leaders of this industry. Leaders in this industry must be flexible, adaptable and creative in their decision-making. The skills required include in-depth knowledge of the sector and responsible leadership.

We help companies find the best talent

Types of Roles

  • General Manager / CEO
  • Hotel manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Operations Director
  • Administrative and Financial Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • Quality Director
  • Customer Experience Director
  • Purchasing Director
  • Culinary Director
  • Executive Chef
  • Purchasing Director
  • F&B Director
  • Event Management

Quels sont nos domaines d’expertises ?

Nous accompagnons les entreprises à trouver les meilleurs talents pour des postes suivants :
  • Directeur général / CEO, - Directeur d’hôtel,
  • Directeur de la restauration,
  • Directeur commercial, - Directeur des opérations,
  • Directeur administratif et financier,
  • Directeur marketing,
  • Directeur des Ressources Humaines,
  • Directeur de la qualité,
  • Directeur de l’expérience client,
  • Directeur des achats,
  • Directeur culinaire,
  • Chef exécutif,
  • Directeur des achats,
  • F&B director,
  • Direction évènementielle

The advantages of working with W Executive

  • In-depth knowledge of the job market.
  • The creation of a dedicated team with a consultant and a project manager.
  • A curated pool of the most qualified candidates for the position.
  • Support in developing clear job descriptions.
  • An assessment of the candidates' skills to ensure that they are suited to the company and the corporate culture.
  • Assistance in negotiating terms and conditions of employment to secure the best candidates.
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