Financial Services & Private Equity

Industry news and transformation

In a world of total economic, sociological and technological upheaval, the Financial Services and Private Equity sector is undergoing a period of unprecedented change.

From traditional finance to responsible investment.

Growth has led to an increase in the capital available for private equity investments, which has stimulated the creation of new funds and new players in the market. This growth has also led to an increase in the number of companies financed, as well as the amounts invested in these companies.


There has also been a significant change in the nature of the investments themselves. Private equity investments have become more diversified, with investments in new sectors such as technology, healthcare and renewable energy. Investment strategies have also evolved, with an increased focus on social and environmental impact, as well as diversity and inclusion.



Digitalisation has also transformed the private equity industry, with the increasing use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to facilitate data collection, decision making and portfolio management.

Challenges for senior Financial Services & Private Equity professionals

In this context, organisations need to identify, recruit, develop and train their leaders who can face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

By being increasingly innovative, agile, inclusive and quicker in decision making and action.


They will need to evolve with the rise of digital technology, the increased demand for risk management and the ever stronger and more demanding scrutiny of investors and regulators, locally and internationally.


We support these leaders in a pragmatic and dynamic way, with a visionary, original and certified approach.

We help companies find the best talent

We are active in Corporate and Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Real Estate, Private Equity, Electronic Banking, Leasing and Factoring - and Fintech & Insurtech.
  • Board Directors
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Partners and Managers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Risk & Audit Officers
  • Projects Managers
  • Sales, Marketing & Communications Officers
  • Human Resources Officers
  • Legal, Compliance & Government Affairs
  • Sustainability & Inclusion
Agility & Flexibility + Speed & Lucidity = Efficiency & Performance

Because speed is efficiency!

The advantages of working with W Executive

  • In-depth knowledge of the job market.
  • The creation of a dedicated team with a consultant and a project manager.
  • A curated pool of the most qualified candidates for the position.
  • Support in developing clear job descriptions.
  • An assessment of the candidates' skills to ensure that they are suited to the company and the corporate culture.
  • Assistance in negotiating terms and conditions of employment to secure the best candidates.
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