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In the grey skies of global tech, French Tech is an exception and is doing well in 2022. The objective of having 25 French unicorns in 2025 was reached three years ahead of schedule, and despite the crisis, French Tech beat its record and raised 13.5 billion in 2022, with two particularly dynamic sectors: Saas software and Cleantech (+172% with 2 billion).


Startups are particularly contributing to job creation, with an estimated 163,000 direct and indirect jobs generated by Next 40 companies.


However, financing remains a major challenge. Indeed, while the first half of 2023 was very dynamic, with a 63% increase in fundraising, the second half of the year saw a 21% drop. The outlook for 2023 is uncertain: while investments in cleantech seem to be going well, there will be more sobriety in other sectors on the part of funds, with a refocusing on profitable companies or those on the road to profitability.

Challenges for start-up professionals

Talent shortage, a major obstacle

In parallel with the increased challenges of financing, startups will always face a major issue, the shortage of talent, a major brake on their growth. For 63% of French startup managers, the lack of employees who meet their expectations has a major impact on their business, and this "war for talent" is widespread across all professions and all levels of experience.


To attract the best talent, entrepreneurs will increasingly have to respond to the main expectations of candidates: personal added value and involvement in the company's mission, a better balance between professional and personal life, flexibility in work, and compensation.


Finally, the quest for meaning in daily life has become an important factor in the decision to choose a job and a company, especially in start-ups. Among the elements that make sense for candidates and that companies should carry, the values of respect for the environment, social responsibility and diversity.

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