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W Group is a European group offering executive search, human resources consulting and specialized executive and expert recruitment services.


Our founders all have extensive international experience (Europe, America and Asia) and share the same values, sustainable entrepreneurship, commitment to our clients and innovation. We also believe that it is possible to work seriously without taking ourselves too seriously.


The Partners of W Executive France are former managers of international firms, and our staff are all experienced and specialized. Our mission is to enable candidates in search of meaning and employers in search of purpose to meet.


W Executive is an Executive Search and Human Resources Consultancy, dedicated to the challenges of Executive Committees and Management Boards. We work to find solutions that meet your challenges.


We are experts in emotional intelligence and advanced search using the best data-driven sourcing technologies. Human capital is at the heart of what we do.

Why W Executive?

Women and men committed to support and develop responsible leadership.

Our difference

Our partners are all former managers of recruitment and Executive Search firms who are convinced that Responsible Leadership is the solution to develop Human Capital. We have combined our energies to better serve our clients. We have developed a shared obsession with the value of Talent. Our role is to support our clients and candidates and connect them at the right opportunity


The W Executive Methodology

Our consultants search and select the best candidates for a specific position by respecting carefully the W Executive Methodology


Sustainable partnership

We take the time to understand your challenges, your strategic vision, your values and your organisation. Each assignment is unique and requires a specific search strategy and we are committed to completing each one deploying all necessary resources.

Understanding the company's needs and outlining the desired talent

This step is essential. Working closely with all stakeholders, we strive to understand the skills, qualifications, experience and values required for the position before we begin the search for candidates. We make suggestions and offer alternative solutions.

Searching for Talent
The search for candidates is carried out using different strategies, information sources and technologies, supported by the expertise and mapping work carried out by our Researchers. They work in constant interaction with our consultants.
Assessing candidates
Candidates must be assessed on their experience, skills, education, culture and personality to determine if they are suitable for the position. We use personality assessment tools tailored to each assignment.
Establish a trusting relationship with candidates
We establish a relationship of trust with our candidates to get them to share their fundamental experiences, their common thread, and their medium and long-term expectations.
Helping stakeholders to negotiate in the best interest of a Win-Win collaboration
We communicate clearly with candidates throughout the recruitment process to set expectations and maintain open communication.
Personalized onboarding
All our candidates receive personal coaching during the first 6 months following their joining date.
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Our experts are there for you

Every W Executive employee is invested in our mission driven company.


Mission-driven, impactful entrepreneurs benefit from the know-how and experience of our staff.

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W Executive's Value Promises

1. Expertise of our teams

Being specialised in a specific industry or function helps us to optimize the recruitment experience. Clients and candidates are naturally more comfortable with experts with in-depth knowledge of a particular sector or function.

2. Reputation
We value the reputation of our consultants. All our team has been trained by first class recruitment leaders.
3. Personalized approach
Offering a personalised approach tailored to each client. By understanding the specific needs and objectives of each client, W Executive can create tailored search strategies to find the best candidates.
4. Use of innovative technologies
The use of innovative matching technologies and data analysis can help improve the efficiency of the candidate search and guarantee a more targeted customer and candidate experience.
5. Commitment to diversity
W Executive is actively committed to promoting diversity in the recruitment process.
6. Commitment to quality and responsiveness
We are committed to keeping our promises, including the timetable we have agreed together. Reactivity is an element of differentiation for W Executive.

Other Solutions

Personalised support from sector-specific consultants and in-depth knowledge of your future collaborator.

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Leadership Advisory

We work with leaders to improve their ability to lead and influence their business.

  • Team Coaching (Alignment around a common vision to maximise performance)
  • Assessing the potential of Leaders regarding responsible leadership
  • Designing leadership development programmes for company employees.
  • Executive Outplacement
  • Employee Experience at the heart of Onboarding
  • Individual coaching to improve leadership skills.
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Specialised recruitment of executives and experts

We Hunt specialises in the search and selection of executive and expert profiles.

  • RPO
  • Finance, Legal & Tax
  • Audit & Accounting
  • IT & Digital
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering & Industry
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Office Support
  • Health
  • Retail & Trade
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Hotel & Restaurant